Our layout makes us an EXCELLENT place to host your special event gathering, such as a birthday party, group meeting or heck, just some friends getting together.  You can reserve either the upstairs or downstairs dining areas, each of which seat approximately 50 people.  We’ll set things up based on your needs – fully catered meal or a mix of appetizers, pizza and drinks.  Just call us and let us know what you have in mind, we’ll make it work.



Hot, BBQ or Teriyaki
Served with blue cheese or ranch dressings
50 pieces… $59.99
100 pieces… $99.99

Toasted Ravioli

50 Pieces… $35.00
100 pieces… $60.00

Potato Skins

20 pieces… $35.00

Chicken Tenders

25 pieces… $45.00

Garlic Cheese Bread

50 pieces… $32.50

Chips and Salsa


Battered Mozzarella Cheese Sticks

Served with marinara sauce
25 pieces… $25.00

Mini Tacos

50 pieces… $37.50
100 pieces… $59.00


House or Garden Salad

1/2 pan (serves 10-15)… $27.99
Full pan (serves 20-25)… $42.50

Potato Salad or Coleslaw

Quart (serves 5-7)… $9.99

Vegetables with Ranch

Full Tray (serves 10-15)… $39.99


14 inch Pizza

1-topping… $13.00
Additional toppings… $1.50

Deluxe or Specialty…$15.99
Buffalo Chicken Pizza
BBQ Chicken Pizza
Taco Pizza
Cheeseburger Pizza


Sub Sandwich

Roast beef, ham, turkey, cheese, lettuce, tomato, and onion
18″ (serves approximately 10)… $31.00

Roast Beef Sandwich

1 pound (serves 4)… $9.99

Assorted Cheese Tray

Served with gourmet crackers
Full Tray (serves 15-20)… $49.99


Cavatelli (Red or White)

1/2 pan (serves 15-20)… $28.00
1/2 pan (baked with cheese)… $45.00
Full pan (serves 25-30)… $38.00
Full pan (baked with cheese)… $55.00

Pasta Con Broccoli

1/2 pan (serves 15-20)… $39.99
Full pan (serves 25-30)… $64.99

Chicken Fettucini

1/2 pan (serves 15-20)… $49.99
Full pan (serves 25-30)… $69.99

All prices subject to sales tax and 18% service charge.  All prices subject to change.
Party room requires non-refundable deposit of $50.
No outside food may be brought in with the exception of cake.
Decorations are allowed with the exception of confetti.

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